Bulletin Boards, public use

 Bulletin Boards, Public Use

To publicize, through the posting of posters, flyers, etc., meetings and other events sponsored by nonprofit organizations. This privilege is open to all groups, regardless of political, religious, or moral ideology. The Library must approve all bulletin board materials and may prohibit postings which do not meet Library standards. The display of materials at the library DOES NOT imply endorsement by the Library.
  • Items to be displayed should be of reasonable size.
  • Informational, nonpartisan political events will be publicized. No campaign or ballot-related literature may be posted, except those related to Henderson Memorial Public Library levies.
  • Information regarding money-making events sponsored by any profit-making organization will not be displayed.
  • Information regarding contests or solicitations of any kind will not be displayed unless sponsored by an area library.
  • Because the Library does not have sufficient space to allow varying viewpoints to be exhibited on topics and institutions which are subject to controversy, such as politics, sex, religion, gun control, etc., posters, bulletins, newspaper clippings, etc. on these subjects shall not be permitted.
  • No material advertising political or commercial events may be put up on the library bulletin board or walls.
  • Explicitly excluded are notices of merchandise for sale, rental announcements, and notices of sales or auctions and related events. This would not exclude dinners or similar events held for the benefit of nonprofit organizations.
  • Display materials are considered disposable and library staff may remove and discard as necessary.
Adopted: December 12, 2000
Henderson Board of Trustees