Selection of Board Members

Henderson Memorial Public Library Association
Policy for Selection of Board Members
            As a term of the Henderson Memorial Public Library Board member expires or as a vacancy occurs, the Board of Trustees shall follow the Constitution of the Henderson Memorial Library Association and the Guidelines for Selection of Henderson Memorial Public Library Board Members. The Guidelines shall be adopted by the Association membership, shall be distributed to Board members and to the public as needed and/or requested, and will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee every five years, or sooner, with revision voted on by Association membership at the Annual Meeting.
            When a vacancy occurs and in Augustof each year, the Nominating Committee shall solicit applications and recommendations in a timely manner so that an appointment may be made within fiftydays of trustee vacancy or so that a summary of candidates’ applications can be sent with Annual Meeting notice.
The recruitingof candidates will be done using the following method:
news releases through various media (including local papers)
announcing the process and inviting interested people to submit applications.
            solicitation of referrals from current Board members and staff
Association members will be notified of all board vacancies by mail annually in
The recommendation will be based on the following criteria:
            The composition of the Board should include members with experience and/or
knowledge in a variety of fields, such as, professional experience in law, education, accounting, personnel and labor relations; practical business experience, executive ability, management skills, and plain common sense; political know-how.
Nominees shall be members of the Henderson Memorial Public Library
Association and should have an interest in the work of the public library, a commitment to its goals, the ability to work as a team member, and a willingness to ask questions, offer criticism and make suggestions.
They should also have the courage to plan creatively, and to withstand
            A commitment to intellectual freedom is essential.
A readiness to devote time and effort to carrying out the duties of trusteeship is
            Nominees should have a recognition of the library’s importance as a center of
information of community culture, recreation, and continuing education.
The Process of Selection For Mid-Term Vacancies Shall Include
1)      appointment of a nominating committee as required in the HMPL Association
Constitution Article V, Section 1 charged with recommending to the Board a nominee for appointment to the Board;
2)   review of questionnaires by the nominating committee;
3)      review of applications from the previous 12 months;
4)      personal interviews with the top candidates by the nominating committee;
5)      recommendation from the committee to the Board of the applicant it believes meet the qualifications and/or special skills needed to balance those represented by the continuing Board members;
6)      action by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the committee
The Process of Selection for Expired Board Term
1)      appointment of a nominating committee as required in the HMPL   Association Constitution Article V, Section 1 charged with recommending to the Board a nominee for appointment to the Board;
2) public notification of the vacancy as indicated in the Guidelines and   
     distribution of “Questionnaire for Prospective Members….” Packet
3)      Each Augusta notice of expired terms must be sent to all Association
Members plus instructions for application
4)      Select a slate of candidates and send a summary of their questionnaires
with Annual Meeting packets

Responsibilities of
Public Library Board of Trustees
Policy Making
Determines the goals and objectives of the library and methods of evaluating progress toward meeting them.
Monitorslibrary’s progress and problems through director’s reports, personal use of the library, and feedback from the public.
Reviews preliminary budget submitted by Fiscal Officerwith thelibrary director, makes necessary changes, officially approves budget requests.
Explores and considers all ways of increasing library’s income
Board Meetings
Attends and participates in all regular and special meetings.
Meets regularly second Tuesday of every month.
Attends committee or special meetings several times per year.
Public Relations
Promotes the library to the community and keeps the library informed of community needs
Planning for Library’s Growth
Analyzes the community and considers library’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to it.
Sets goals and adopts short and long-range plans for library’s growth.
Sets priorities and decides actions to implement plans.

Henderson Memorial Public Library
Mission Statement
            The Henderson Memorial Public Library strives to serve the diverse members of the Jefferson community. The library provides its community with materials for education, information, recreation and research.
Role Statement
            The role of the Henderson Memorial Public Library is to provide both information resources and popular works. It should offer materials for life-long learning, including reference materials, independent study resources and educational support for students of all ages. The library should meet the information and entertainment needs of adults, young-adults, and children through print and non-print materials, and programs.
Adopted by HMPL Trustees 4-13-92
Revised by HMPL Trustees 12-14-04, 8-12-08
                    Approved Henderson Memorial Public Library Association, Annual Meeting, 2-13-05, 11-9-08             

Board Member Job Description
Duties of a Library Trustee:
1. Attends board meetings and appropriate committee meetings
2. Hires Library Director and Fiscal Officer
3. Under the guidance of the Director, establishes Board policies
4. Supports the Director and staff in their enforcement of policies
5. Ensures that the library is financially secure and that funds are expended correctly
6. Is a vocal supporter of the library within the community
7. Establishes long-term goals for the library
8. Makes all decisions based onthe good of the library and the community it serves
9. Is aware of the needs of the community which the library serves
10. Makes an effort to learn library trends and visit other libraries
11. Respects the Director’s and Fiscal Officer’sexpertise and gives them support
12. Carefully avoids infringement on library staff’s management function.
13. Raises money for the library
14. Follows Board Code of Ethics
15. Other duties as needed.     
Revised by HMPL Trustees 12-14-04, 8-12-08
Approved Henderson Memorial Public Library Association, Annual Meeting, 2-13-05, 11-9-08